Local “Joe the Plumber” Also White, Voting for McCain


The new Republican story on Joe the Plumber — revealed by press curiosity to be unlicensed, and not named Joe — is that the evil Barack Obama, using his cat’s-paws in the media, is out to “destroy” this poor, hard-working white man and all white men like him. (Read more about poor Joe’s “harassment” by the “Marxist bully” Obama here.)

Now the New York Post is doing its part by hyping “Joe Armellino from Queens” under the headline, “MO’ JOE RISING AS NY PLUMBER LIKES JOHN, TOO.” “That’s me, I’m Joe the Plumber of New York,” Armellino claims he said when he saw McCain at Wednesday’s debate. As you will have guessed, Joe is concerned about taxes, and that “Obama came out of nowhere,” and will vote for John McCain.

In the spirit of fair play, the paper quotes another local plumber who said, “Whichever guy wins, we just need someone better than what’s going on right now.” Fair ‘n’ balanced! Read about previous New York blue-collar celebrity Jerry “What’s the Story, Jerry?” Rosenberg here. (Video here.)