Madly for Adlai!


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September 22, 1960, Vol. V, No. 48

Stevenson on Republicans

“I am prepared to concede that there are some good Republicans. I would trust them with anything – except public office.”

So said Adlai Stevenson, in the half-jocular manner which marked so many of his Presidential campaign speeches, at a rally of over 1000 Villagers at Washington Square last Thursday afternoon. Stevenson spoke in behalf of William vanden Heuvel, Democratic candidate for Congress in the 17th District, who shared the platform with him atop a bright red sound truck.

Stevenson was introduced by vanden Heuvel as a man who is “still a voice in the Democratic Party every nation will continue to listen to.” The crowd included those coming home from work, Village families, NYU students, and a seasoning of beatniks in beards, berets, and sandals.

“There is a real philosophical difference between political parties, Stevenson said. “We stand on the threshold of a decade which will decide the future of decades yet to come. Yet do we really understand its problems? And what is the image of America abroad?”

…At one point someone asked Stevenson if he knew of the liberal reputation of vanden Heuvel’s opponent, Republican Congressman John Lindsay.

“I’ve spent a long time looking for a liberal Republican,” Stevenson laughed. “They’re hard to find. I think such a person would be a man who wants to keep Eisenhower’s 1952 campaign promises. You try to find him.”

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