Midtown McCain Supporter Assaulted; Angry Left Blamed


“Will the media run with a story of an Obama supporter who went berserk at the sight of McCain signs and repeatedly struck a woman volunteer on the head with a stick?” We’re not sure if we qualify, but here goes nothin’: at Pajamas Media Oleg Atbashian reports that in September a female McCain volunteer was approached at the corner of Lexington and 51st by a 49-year-old man who yelled “You people are ridiculous,” broke the handle of the McCain sign she was holding, and struck her with it. The man, who was arrested, is described by Atbashian as an “Obama supporter” and “the left,” though his party affiliation, as well as his most recent psych assessment, is undisclosed. (The assailant did say that the election “has me so upset,” but that applies to a lot of people.)

PJM commenters react: “My advice is, go to WalMart and buy a gun. Regardless of who wins this election trouble is going to erupt, particularly in urban areas,” “I expect the blacks to riot because of course they are all animals… Big mistake to attack me is all I can say,” “If Obama loses, be preparded to defend this country from the radical left leaning liberal socialists… don’t run away, run out and fight them and drop them where they stand,” etc.