Rightwinger Challenges 20-Year Assembly Vet in Deepest Queens


The Rockaway Wave profiles an optimistic Republican candidate for the State Assembly: Gerald “Jerry” Sullivan. Sullivan, whom the Queens Gazette says “currently works for a Connecticut investment manager” and is the son of a cop, thinks he’s got a shot because “the demographics in Rockaway… have become more conservative,” making him a more appropriate legislative champion for the far coast of Queens than Democrat incumbent Audrey Pheffer, who has held the seat since 1987.

Sullivan is against all abortion, gun control, taxes, and “rezoning Beach 116 Street to allow eight-story buildings”; likes charter schools. Though born in Brooklyn, he “has spent his summers in Breezy Point since 1969 and moved in full-time when his parents winterized their home in 1987.”

Pheffer, who runs a Facebook page with 10 supporters and no recent activity, is also seen in the Wave, delivering “Notes On Consumer Affairs,” in which she describes the Assembly’s fight against abuses in the prepaid phone card industry. She advises constituents to “examine the card’s packaging or in-store advertising to find out the domestic and international rates. If you can’t find the rate, consider buying a different card.”