Sarah Palin on SNL: No Preconditions Set


Sarah Palin is set to appear on “Saturday Night Live,” where Tina Fey has been lampooning her mercilessly for weeks. The Palin schtick has been great for SNL’s ratings and this should be too. The Sarah Palin Blog (not official, we don’t think) adds a weird sidelight: “Originally, the McCain campaign wanted to write and produce a take off of Tina Fey’s American Express Commercials with Palin spoofing Fey. But, TSPB hears that SNL said ‘Thank[s], But No Thanks,’ to the idea.” That would have been funnier than An American Carol, but now we and she are stuck with whatever the writing-room guys churn out (Palin says she doesn’t know yet what they have in store for her). Still, maybe it’ll give us a brief respite from conservative bitching about how late night comedy shows are an Obama plot.