Week in Review: Fucked Up in Paris and London


In the week when Beverly Hills Chihuahua asserted its dominance over every single other cultural product on offer, we got Fucked Up. Like three times.

In vain, we asserted there was life in New York outside the Bowery. Best Blog Post Title of the Week of October 13? I Knew M.I.A. Was Pregnant Before You.

Heavyweights returned—Joan Didion, Gay Talese, er, Eminem.

TV on the Radio for president? As long as it’s not W. Or John McCain.

Also, apparently Joey & Rory were robbed. So was Guillaume Depardieu.

Plus, Frida Hyvönen yielded parenting tips, even as the Annuals checked out record tips from their parents, and we all indulged variously in emo nostalgia, skronk nostalgia, NME nostalgia, and good old-fashioned autobiographical nostalgia. It is fall now, right?