10-Year-Old Pea-Shooter Perp Sues City


There was a bit of outrage recently over the extreme youth of some city school kids arrested by the NYPD. The scare-stat of choice heretofore has been an 11-year-old hauled off for trespassing.

Here’s a better one, via the Staten Island Advance: 10-year-old special ed student Anor Frank, who was cuffed and booked by cops for using a pea-shooter (some reports say it was a makeshift slingshot and a bean) on a school bus, and whose family is now suing the NYPD for $11 million.

On a school bus this summer, after he fired a pellet at the back of the head of a kid who’d been teasing him, Frank was handcuffed and hauled down to the station house, where his uncle picked mim up.

Frank’s family lawyer told the Advance the boy “is not a hardened criminal.”