Beyonce’s Sticky Fingers Steal From “Fosse Hands” Again


Remember when Beyonce‘s video for “Get Me Bodied” seemed to include an exact replica of choreography from “Rich Man’s Frug,” the party sequence in Sweet Charity, directed and choreographed by Broadway mastermind Bob Fosse? Beyonce certainly made it all her own, but I believe all the money she made from the video remained all her own as well. Well, now she’s up to her old diva tricks again! In her video for “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On it)”,” the one-named chantoozie has once again drawn from dancin’ specifically created by Fosse, this time for his dazzling routine called “Mexican Breakfast.”

Is Beyonce becoming the Winona Ryder of Fosse moves? Or is she simply keeping his memory alive with elaborate purloinings of, I mean homages to, his legendary work? Do you want to toss your Mexican breakfast while dancing a rich man’s frug? Are you anxious for the “Put a Ring On It” lady to put a lid on it? Or should theater queens rejoice at her clever act of calculated career resuscitation (her career, that is)?

Heck if I know!