Code Pink Saves Queens Gold-Star Mother’s Home


Queens is the foreclosure capital of New York City, and till recently it looked as if Jocelyne Voltaire was going to become another, especially sad statistic. Just weeks after her son was killed in Iraq, Voltaire found herself unable to keep up with the accelerating interest rate of her mortgage (her payments went from $800 to over $2000 a month) and her home was scheduled to be auctioned on October 17.

Then activist group and rightwing abuse target Code Pink, known mostly for their theatrical protests, raised enough money to stop the auction.

Voltaire’s case had been brought to public attention before — in June ACORN held a press conference in her home.

Then Code Pink got hold of the news and, while using it to make hay against the subprime mortgage crisis, also asked supporters for donations to Voltaire.

Today Democracy Now! reports that Code Pink’s fundraising drive managed to raise over $10,000, which the bank accepted as a good-faith payment, stopping the auction.

Code Pink continues to solicit donations, which they say “will go toward supporting Jocelyne and other mothers keep their homes.”