Weekend Voice Readers Update


Photo by David Caplan

Why’s this kid in the Voice box? He’s there to make a point. Some folks we read, and some we never heard of, have been rummaging through the Voice of late. Local musicblogger Brooklyn Vegan, for example, likes Sound of the City’s Fucked Up (the band) coverage and amplifies with more of her own. Of Montreal seems flattered by SotC’s attention; Optical Atlas seconds. And Miss Heather adds some data to SotC’s Studio B reportage.

Groinstrong enjoyed the Voice slideshow of Banksy’s pet shop. The Liberal Curmudgeon liked our recent Palin-McCain cover enough to reproduce it (and linked to the associated article). Mixtape Sessions sampled Rob Harvilla’s Maxwell review, which got You’re So Pop “dieing of laughter.” Harvilla’s NY scene exegesis was applauded by The Black Cloud, as was Chloe Hilliard’s night out with the Black Republicans. And Kotaku has thoughts on Chris Ward’s review of the most OCD video games.

What we’re trying to say is, you’re not the only one reading this thing. Click around — there’s tons of recent and vintage Voice on this site that you might not have expected. We certainly didn’t.

P.S. The kid got out of the box okay. And he learned a valuable lesson.