Andrea Peyser Rips a Page Out of My Book!


Thief alert! Sound the alarms! Andrea Peyser has ripped off my word! See, the New York Post scribe, who, like me, enjoys stirring up piles of dislike for a living, is calling her upcoming book Celebutards. And that word is mine, honey! According to my Wikipedia profile, I coined the bitch and have complete ownership of it, OK? I actually don’t think I DID coin it, but if anyone wants to go along with that idea, I’ll gladly refuse to argue it in hopes of some greater glory. Besides, Wikipedia is never wrong, right?

And there are other issues here anyway. Peyser has not only purloined my grammatical baby, she’s used it to take aim at certain liberal icons–“mental midgets and media whores” who pollute our society and its upright morality. You know, just the kind of upright morality and fine values that Andrea Peyser so glowingly represents.

Who exactly is she gunning for? People who steal words? Or mayble folks who don’t favor being lied to about why we went into Iraq and who are tired of being preached to about family values by those who so carelessly abuse them? Well, maybe that’s it, because on Peyser’s list of targets are biggies like Rosie O’Donnell, Hillary Clinton, and Al Sharpton. Hey, wait a celebutard minute! This book should really be a screed against people with bad hair!