Michael Bloomberg Wins Sukkot


Michael Bloomberg likes to give the impression he’s above the grubby business of politics, preferring to let his emissaries throw elbows, but we find him more charming when he does a little old-fashioned glad-handing on his own. During the recently-concluded Sukkot (when your Jewish friends put up tents), the Mayor got around. Sunday he went to the Brooklyn Sephardic Community Federation’s Sukkot gathering where, the Daily News reports, “Chief Rabbi Shaul Kassin gave the mayor a blessing for a third term in office — to which the crowd unanimously replied, ‘Amen.'” Also, reports Voz iz Neias, Bloomberg took a photo op with well-wishers from Crown Heights, and is shown above “doing the mitzvah of waving the Lulav and esrog.”

Barack Obama, no schnook himself, had Rep. Jerrold Nadler “wearing a yarmulke with ‘my bubbe votes for Obama’ written on it” and speaking to Hasidim in a Sukkah in Williamsburg, reports the Daily Forward. Interestingly, the Forward says that while Nadler came out strong on support for Israel and foreign policy, “the conversation quickly turned to social issues and what the Obama administration would do to ensure funding for education, healthcare and housing.” “For people here, social services are really important,” said a local rebbe.