Despite being a full-fledged blog star, everything about Jay Reatard works on a strictly 1986 model. His entire output in 2008 consists of six vinyl seven-inches; he tours as if there was no other way for people to hear his music (he’s playing at least five times during CMJ week); he plays like there’s no other music on earth but perfect pop-punk; he’s not particularly MySpace polite; and if you step on his gear, he will probably punch you in the face. Plus his songs never change, they all sound the same, and everyone is totally cool with that. “There’s really nothing to it,” he sings, “and that is all I know.” Catch him tonight at a fashionable venue at the peak of his fashionable year with an undoubtedly psyched audience—but, given his attitude, there is no doubt he’ll be around forever and will probably always be pretty excellent. With the Vivian Girls and Cola Freaks.

Sun., Oct. 26, 7 p.m., 2008