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Reckoning as how I owe my writing career to Chris Robinson, y’all might figure I am mighty biased about the Black Crowes. Well, Lawd knows I tried to follow the boogie get-down elsewhere, but folks still don’t ken that Robinson’s the second-best singer of my generation (Ashé, Brother Buckley) and a vital figure in what remains of real (music) culture. Many have never managed to separate the man from the myths and realize he never has and never will lie on the music. As for the Crowes as band apart, the Circle’s been broken, but we’re damn nigh giddy over the coming of Brer Lutha to the par-tay as twinned picker with Rich Robinson. Greatness has always blessed this band, and there’s more glory in the wings, soon come.

Oct. 27-31, 7 p.m., 2008

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