Homey Take 6 and Take This, Haters: Obama Busts Ridiculous Finish-Line Moves


We know everything is breaking Obama’s way now, crowd- and lead-wise, but this is ridiculous: the terrorist watchdogs at SITE Intelligence report that on the Al Hesbah bulletin board — where terror folk are known to talk a little jihad — “a frequent and apparently respected contributor” says Al Qaeda wants John McCain to win the election “so that he continues the failing march of his predecessor, Bush.”

As you might imagine this news has hit the big papers, giving pleasure to Obama’s fans and pain to McCain’s. It also has the viral stupid factor (“Al Qaeda Endorses McCain”) that assures it will spread like wildfire.

Do we believe it? We prefer to believe that Obama’s people planted this message to head off any last minute bin Laden endorsement like the one Republicans used in 2004. We’re actually getting the feeling he may have this thing in the bag, so now through election day we just want to see him do tricks.