On any other day of the year, if we saw zombies roaming the streets, we’d think it was just the result of a coffee shortage. But today, the reason is even more sinister than a caffeine addiction gone bad—it’s World Zombie Day. New York joins 50 other cities in ringing in the day of the undead with a giant Zombie Crawl: Makeup artists stationed at Union Square make you look like you had too much to drink last night, and then all the spookily attired travel in packs to the Lower East Side. Later on at the Knitting Factory, San Francisco–based dance group the Living Dead Girlz take the stage for some “dance splatter theater”, which consists of gory versions of the cha-cha and waltz. New zombies really wanting to get into character should enter the “Strip for Pain” contest: Those who can stand to be tortured the longest get to see the most of three strippers. Skin crawling yet?

Sun., Oct. 26, 2008