The New Kids Never Get Old


Before the Black Kids or the Cool Kids, there were the New Kids—now radically re-monikered as NKOTB. Maybe these latest “hip” bands aren’t singing cheesy tunes with titles like “Cover Girl” or “Hangin’ Tough,” but they could still learn a thing or two from the bean town boys that’s essential in the music biz (i.e. longevity).

It is true, however, that after the regrettably horrid Face the Music album release in 1994 (Does anyone remember “Dirty Dawg”?), the New Kids took a much encouraged break.

But now the boys that made little brace-faced girls wear huge buttons and squeal like baby piggies on crack are back in a big way (albeit with receding hair lines).

Mon., Oct. 27, 8 p.m., 2008