Vallone Sr. Joins Son in Endorsing Endless Incumbency


Just after his councilmember son delivered his agonized endorsement of Bloomberg’s term-limits overthrow — or maybe just before, if you consider the press time — former council speaker Peter F. Vallone comes out for term limits repeal in today’s Queens Gazette.

Vallone pere argues that Ron Lauder’s pro-term limits campaigns of the 1990s spent “millions of dollars” on an “onslaught of negative and inaccurate information… No single individual or group should simply change governmental balance of power simply by funding a one-sided media blitz over a few months.” Presumably Vallone is cheered that Lauder now supports his fellow billionaire Bloomberg in at least a temporary overturn of term limits, which councilmembers will attempt on Thursday.

Vallone also revives the Bloomberg steady-leadership-in-crisis argument, but applies it also to the city council. “To expect at least 37 new members, literally as soon as elected, to adjust to this financial crisis and be able to protect key services and quality of life in a period of budget contraction — is inane,” says Vallone, pausing dramatically for effect. Yes, imagine trying to face these dark days without Simcha Felder — or, for that matter, Peter Vallone, Jr.