Will Smith Likes ‘Mo ‘Hos?


Will Smith is married with kids, right? And he’s a totally devout Scientologist, true? So there’s no way in hell he could ever have been interested in male pleasure engineers. None whatsoever! Still, as you may have heard, a certain madam just told an award winning journalist that where there’s a Will, there’s a gay. She said the sinewy action star of Mancock, I mean Hancock, used to call on her for escorts, and she generously provided them, assuring the actor that the transactions would be carried out with a maximum of discretion. One time, she swore, Will specificially requested something with a penis. (A man in black, I suppose.) But this is outrageous! How dare she besmirch the star of I, ‘Hobot and The Triumph of ‘Ho-ppyness? I guess a madam’s idea of discretion is “Wait a while, then spill every detail to an award winning journalist.” Works for you, right?