Angry Crowd, Bloggers Yell at Bloomberg Over Term Limits


Bloomberg left City Hall after the term limits vote and, as you will see, some of the citizens thereabouts were displeased with him. It was worse on the blogs.

“Nobody panic,” says the Time Out New York blog. “Until the city passes a law obliterating the democratic process, we all still have the right to vote in the next mayoral election.”

“They rushed it through the City Council because… they could feel public opinion swinging the wrong way on it and wanted it voted on and decided before the public opinion was too strong,” deduced Vidiot. Perez Hilton calls the Mayor “Power hungry” and observes that “two-thirds of the council are also in their second terms of office. We smell self preservation votes!”

Gawker predicts Bloomberg, now that he is “Mayor for Life,” will “raise the cigarette tax to $400 dollars and ban watching too much tv and give the entire Bronx to some developers and the NYPD will continue to shoot black people…”

“NYC Caves to Bloomberg,” says PoliGazette. “Bloomberg crowned royal dictator of NYC,” says The Angry New Yorker. Prometheus 6 advises: “New Yorkers. Find your rep. Remember his or her vote.”

The West Bronx Blog analyzes the votes of its local councilmembers, who except for Annabel Palma “all voted for the opportunity to keep their jobs for another four years”: while “Joel Rivera is probably challenge-proof,” they think Maria Baez, with her “terrible attendance record” and “extravagant cell phone bills,” is vulnerable, as is Oliver Koppell (“who didn’t do himself any favors”) and maybe some others.

Etc. We didn’t find many prospective Bloomberg voters out there, but then, bloggers are a lot easier to piss off than voters.