Bono to Free-Write for Times


Andrew Rosenthal, editor of the Times editorial page, told a gathering of Columbia J-school students that he admired the work of The Atlantic‘s Megan McArdle and National Review‘s Byron York. But he’s not hiring them (at least, knock wood, not yet): he’s hiring Bono. The U2 frontman has apparently agreed to write 6-10 columns for the Times, according to Radar, on the topics “Africa,” “poverty,” and “the music of Frank Sinatra.” And he’s doing it for free. Which makes perfect sense: Bono doesn’t need money and likes to spout off — why not make the offer irresistible by doing it gratis, and gain himself a first-class platform for whatever happens to be running through his head? Let the suckers pay for McArdle and York!

Gawker observed yesterday that, with its repurposing of a Vice story, the Post is now “officially a blog on paper.” Soon enough, all our papers will be that, filled with musings by leisured, uncompensated celebrities with Something to Say. photo via World Ecomomic Forum (cc)