Let’s Play ‘Make The Sitcom Dirty’!


I recently did a post about an actual porn version of The Facts of Life and regular commenter The Late Tallulah Bankhead chimed in that Pornanza would be a healthy idea too. I agree–Hoss could probably turn that ranch into a rollicking bearapoloza (and we’d finally get to see just how little Little Joe was).

Before you all tell me what other sitcoms and series deserve to be unclothed and sprinkled with jizz, let me serve you my own unspeakable ideas.

Malcom in the Middle of Two Large Black Men

Make Room For Daddy’s Penis

I Wet Dream of Jeannie

One Gay at a Time

Twelve’s Company

‘Ho-ing Pains

Father ‘Hos Best

Just Shoot

Everybody Gloves Raymond

How I Fucked Your Mother

And of course, the immortal…Leave it to Beaver. They won’t even have to change the title!