Liveblogging the Term Limits Vote


1:30 p.m.: Oh boy, so exciting… what? Delayed till 2 p.m.? Our beer will go flat!

NY1 vamps. They report that councilmember James Sanders is still undecided. About a dozen constituents say various things about him: We’re gratified that so many people know who he is. Nothing but malpractice lawyer ads from now till 2…

1:53: Ruth Reichl? Why is she on? She backs the Mayor because things are messed up and the 70s were an “ugly time”; she’s “willing to take him on whatever terms he is willing to give us.” Brrrr. He must have passed her an envelope stuffed with artisinal cheeses.

2:00: “Even the balcony is completely full,” says NY1. “We’re predicting it will be quite close.” The vote, not the room. Quinn is pro, and confident. Four amendments will come up before the bill, one requiring a special referendum. No one believes they will pass. Then there’ll be statements. Session will last “the next couple of hours.” Oh, great.