Performances That Should Have Been Nominated For an Oscar


There are hundreds of great performances through the years that the Academy Awards have strangely neglected, but I like them, I really, really like them! They simply got shafted because they were in the wrong category, they didn’t get the right buzz, they didn’t ham it up enough, or they didn’t give the right blow jobs. I feel the greatest oversights in Oscar history–i.e., the ones who most deserved a nomination and got shit on a shingle–were:

(1) Faye Dunaway for Mommie Dearest. She brilliantly captured the essence of cranky Joan Crawford, but Hollywood protects its own. Except for Faye Dunaway.

(2) Audrey Hepburn for My Fair Lady. Poor Audrey was punished for having been dubbed–as if that was her idea!

(3) Lisa Kudrow and Christina Ricci for The Opposite of Sex. Two sublimely witty turns that probably canceled each other out–plus they didn’t have the screechy, showy gravitas that Oscar so adores.

(4) Anthony Perkins for Psycho. He should have been up for best actor AND best actress.

(5) Mia Farrow for Rosemary’s Baby. She was perfection as the woman with the Vidal Sassoon cut who gave birth to the devil’s spawn. (No, not Soon-Yi.)

(6) Courtney Love for The People vs. Larry Flynt. Alas, it turned into The Oscar vs. Rock Star’s Widow.

(7) Jennifer Lopez for Gigli. Kidding. Just trying to see if you’re paying attention.