SI Invader of Rapper’s Home Has History in Music Business


More weirdness in Tuesday’s home invasion at rapper Gia Bella’s Staten Island residence, which left her father, Joey Adamo, with a fractured skull (the artist was not home): the Staten Island Advance reports that the invader who was caught, Carmine Carini, has a prior connection with the music business — he served 24 years for the murder of a Brooklyn record store owner. Celebrity lawyer Ron Kuby got him out of prison early, in June 2007, on evidence that he was only an accomplice, and that his cousin Vinnie had done the shooting. Carini said at that time that his plans were to “go home to live with his father and try to find a job.” Carini’s van was IDed by Adamo’s neighbors, and he was cornered at a local Dunkin’ Donuts, where he hit a cop with his van before being apprehended. Adamo insists the invasion was a robbery attempt.