Snooty Brit Paper Shows Morons Enjoying Banksy Show


The Guardian has a video of gawkers at the Banksy Pet Store on Seventh Avenue. Swing music plays in the background because New York is all about brass and Martin Scorsese montages. “I’m still not sure what this place is,” says one bright lad, ” but it’s like one of the coolest art galleries I guess that I’ve seen in my entire life.” The show is about “what our culture is,” says a young woman — that is to say, “processed.” A store worker laughs over viewers who think the monkey is real and one who pledged to return and see if he changed position. It’s a set-up, like those Sarah Palin interviews, and we’re not having it. We spent fifteen minutes at the Pet Store ourselves, and emitted nothing but apercus and witty remarks the whole time. And yet the Guardian doesn’t show you that.