Council’s Mealy in Car Accident


Brooklyn council member Darlene Mealy — a first-termer who pulled an abrupt flip-flop in voting to support Mayor Bloomberg’s term limits extension bill yesterday — suffered a broken collar bone in an auto accident this morning, a council source said.

Mealy’s office declined to comment. “We’re not releasing any statement at this moment,” said spokeswoman Eunice Oden. “She will release her own statement. I don’t know exactly when.” Oden added: “She’s O.K.”

The council source said Mealy traveling as a passenger in a car on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway when the air bag exploded, breaking her collar bone.

Mealy had former allies cringing yesterday when she pulled an abrupt 180, going from a strong “no” vote to a meek “yes.” She later told friends that she wanted to get “things for her district.”