Man Claims Cop Sodomized Him with Antenna; Cop Board Skeptical


Michael Mineo, an employee of Jiggaman Tattoos in Brooklyn, has been arrested four times since 2004, but his most recent encounter with the law has been his most newsworthy: He claims the five officers who apprehended him for smoking marijuana outside the Prospect Park subway station stuck the antenna of a police radio up his ass, reports the Daily News. Mineo was also ticketed.

Because of the infamous Abner Louima case, this is the sort of thing many New Yorkers are sensitive about. Police so far see “no evidence” backing the claim by Mineo, who has retained counsel; prosecutors are investigating.

Posters at cop board Thee Rant, as you might expect, are skeptical:

“The perp is bummed because no one bought him dinner,” says Nypd74.

“He’s probably some Pillow Biter who had just come from the ‘Vale’ (if you don’t know what goes on there, ask a 78 cop) and got stopped by some diligent MOS, whom he is confusing with the 5 dudes he felattiated for some weed,” says Mr Eps Fonam.

“He probably had something up his ass and injured himself when he pulled it out after his release,” says HoldingTwenty. photo via magerleagues (cc)