The Mccain Campaign is the Ugliest Ever


If you don’t have much to offer in the way of substantive ideas for change, then simply go on the offensive and try to beat down the competition. Use sliming, misrepresenting, and any other dirty trick imaginable to bring them down so you can walk over their carcass to an undeserved victory. No, that hasn’t been my approach in life–I swear it!–but it seems to be what McCain/Palin have been up to since realizing they’re in the toilet bowl, ratings wise. Their desperate tactics have included:

Throwing around words like “terrorist” and “socialist” to smear Obama and scare the populace. Hinting that Obama doesn’t really represent America (and is therefore somehow not American) is another big ploy of theirs. Shameful!

Continually harping on Obama’s supposed inexperience whereas Palin–who’d be a heartbeat away from the Presidency–has a resume even shorter than her daily reading list.

Frothing on and on about the “redistribution of wealth” idea, as if that’s not what taxation, by definition, is!

Turning the tables and saying Obama is running a negative campaign. That’s an old fascistic trick: Blame the other side for the exact horror that you’re perpetrating.

Taking something that’s already been digested and spit out–the lame Bill Ayers connection–and frantically trying to make something life-threatening out of it again. And again. And again.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any more pathetic: Bringing up the worn out, old Reverend Wright connection too! That’s even more tired than McCain himself.

Oh, please. John McCain is clearly just Tracy Flick minus the charm and great hair.