Weimar New York Fun: the “Poetry Brothel,” with Absinthe


The Spiegeltent was a nice try at old-world decadence, but our coming collapse and ensuing Weimar society calls for more esoteric entertainments. So a promoter bids you bring your wheelbarrows full of worthless dollars to the Poetry Brothel. As described at Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, the October 25 performance at the Zipper is overseen by a “Madame,” and “The poets play ‘whores.'” But “instead of physical intimacy,” the release disappointingly continues, “the poets offer the intimacy of their poetry by giving private, one-on-one readings in curtained-off areas.” Also offered: absinthe, live music, and tarot card readings. This will do for now, but as things get worse we’re going to cut the nostalgie de la boue and devise more forward-looking end-of-the-world entertainments. We expect they will be like early punk rock, only with more gunfire.