1960 Election Not Close, At Least in the Village


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November 3, 1960, Vol. VI, No. 2

Kennedy – 2 to 1 in the Village

A landslide in Greenwich Village for Senator John F. Kennedy was strongly indicated in a Village Voice poll conducted last week. If the poll proves correct, his total vote in the area should be more than double that of Vice President Nixon.

Of those questioned, 58 per cent said that they definitely intended to vote for Kennedy, while only 24 per cent were for Nixon. A surprisingly large 16 per cent were still undecided, and 2 per cent said they had no intention of voting.

If the undecideds divide along the same lines as the committed voters, Kennedy should take populous Greenwich Village with about 69 per cent of the vote.

Despite Kennedy’s excellent showing a large number of people will apparently approach the voting booth in a negative frame of mind. A significant number of the people polled made such statements as “Kennedy is the lesser of two evils” or “I’m voting for Kennedy by default.”

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