Gilded Age, Pt XXIV: Bad Behavior at Mary Heilmann’s New Museum Opening


Sort of fascinated with Artforum’s Scene & Herd Diary thing (full disclosure, blah blah blah), their social calendar/event-reporting globe-spanning column that is currently probably the best police blotter-type autopsy of the various brands of fatal hubris and obliviousness that persist in the art world, even when, say, New York City is actually on fire.

From William Pym’s report today on Mary Heilmann’s opening last Monday at the New Museum:

“Less tempered behavior abounded among the younger generations. Nate Lowman, a pretty downtown totem seemingly welcomed as a royal at New Museum events, hovered outside, collecting his crew. “Is this necessary?” he huffed petulantly, pointing at the growing crowd of firemen and cops improvising a solution to the three-alarm blaze around the corner that, according to the police blotter the next morning, injured five and took a hundred people to tame.”

What to even say about this? This is less schadenfreude than a weird kind of dizzying joy at basic revelations about how other people live in the same city as I do. Add this to that Garage Center opening a few weeks back and these guys are on the absolute vanguard of the soon-to-be-ubiquitous new-gilded-age beat.

The takeaway, btw: Enjoy this insanity while it lasts!