Golisano Says Questioned Check Legit; Other $$ Reported


Billionaire Tom Golisano, whom an upstate electoral commissioner suggested had made an improper campaign contribution out of his self-financed Responsible New York PAC, retorts that the check in question was not a contribution, but for bookkeeping services, and that’s what the full writing on the memo line — “61st Senate Mesi (D) v Ward-Ianello consulting” — indicates. While that’s being hashed out, Politics on the Hudson is looking at other Golisano contributions as legally reported. These have gone to most of the candidates Responsible New York endorsed. Democratic State Senate candidate Paloma Capanna actually returned the portion of her donation that was over her self-imposed $2,000 limit. The big winner was State Senator George Maziarz, who got $9,500. Maziarz is an incumbent, as are most legatees of the PAC, which describes itself as “Guiding True Political Reform in the State of New York.”