Radar’s Laid Off Staffers Still Plan To Party


It was sad news that the “pop, politics, scandal, and style” magazine Radar went under the radar and folded last week. But let’s take a half-full approach: It turns out they’re not canceling their Halloween party! They’re just turning it into a funeral!

A p.r. email went out telling us the bash is on at Citrine and “the theme will still be ‘Vampires and Victims,’ but with an oh-so-appropriate ‘funeral’ spin.” Well, the Radar firees will certainly all be coming as victims, so to mix things up, I’m putting on my fangs and cape as we speak and preparing to chomp down on all sorts of human flesh and bar nuts.

Meanwhile, indefatigable editor Maer Roshan just sent out an email of his own. He wants to add me as a business connection on Plaxo! And I’m doing it, honey–not for the future parties, but for the future assignments. Believe me, he’ll be back!