Schizo Letter of the Day


From the Voice mailbag:

Vikas Bhushan, author of First Aid for the Boards [Various test-prep manuals], is behind a monstrous conspiracy involving the government, the entertainment industry, and multiple hospitals. I have been stalked since 1997. There is spy-ware in my home. My medical training record is filled with hoax evaluations. A medical board exam was crashed. Edgewater Hospital in Chicago was set-up and closed. Dentists have taken bribes to break my teeth and put radioactive material in my crowns. Complaints against them are ignored. He bases this ‘shadow yarn’ on old movies, songs, and Andy Warhol art. Contaminated products (including food and water) are sold to me right off store shelves. My family has sold me. No-one is allowed to help. He has unlimited access to tax payer dollars. I am a trafficked woman-moved from one frame to the next. Please do something. Break the story. Be a hero.


Constant surveillance: 1 point
Sold into slavery: 5 points
Specific government agency (FBI/CIA/Postal Service) identified: No, -5 points
Unusual actors bonus: test-prep author, dentists, 20 points
Pulitzer promised: no (very rare), -10 points
Celebrity mention: Andy Warhol, 20 points

Total: 31 points, better than average