Term Limits: Hey, Where Was Al Sharpton?


The Neighborhood Retail Alliance, in the midst of a rant about Rev. Al Sharpton’s involvement in the Michael Mineo sodomy case, mentions that Sharpton “has been incognito for the past four weeks while the city has been roiled in the term limits controversy.”

This is functionally if not literally true: on October 8 Sharpton told the New York Times, “I’m leaning toward those who advocate in favor of making changes in the law through a referendum. But I haven’t come to any final determination yet.” His final determination did not emerge a few days later, when his chief of staff told the New York Post that “There are meritorious arguments on both sides of this issue, and we are taking great pains to weigh each argument.”

Newsday reported that, when he was “testing the waters” on term limits, Bloomberg “met personally with the Rev. Al Sharpton about 10 days before he announced his intentions to change the law, and phoned Sharpton again the day before the public announcement,” and that since then “Bloomberg aides have kept in regular touch with Sharpton and his aides.”

There’s nothing about term limits at the Reverend’s National Action Network site, either, nor at the On the Issues Sharpton page. On reflection, it does seem an odd issue for the famously vocal Reverend to have been quiet about.

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