Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Glasvegas’s “Geraldine”


Last week’s prediction: Japanese Motors

NME-boosted Scottish quartet Glasvegas got the UK hysteria treatment last year, hailed as the next Oasis/Arctic Monkeys/J&MC/MBV/etc. by the dudes who give out such designations every five minutes or so. Last year’s single “Daddy’s Gone,” which pumped them into the shape they’re in now, is an almost inconceivably agonistic muddle involving a tremendously thick Scottish accent and shaggy dog story about Daddy going out for cigarettes or whatever and never returning.

(NME: “The love between a young man and his absent dad is rarely visited – it’s the Love That Dare Not Croon Its Name.” )

Follow-up “Geraldine”—there’s no getting around it, though I’m about to British Music Press myself—is an unarguably evocative J&MC homage, all moody drumming and background cooing and reverberating guitars; it’s weirdly moving, more so even for James Allen’s emo-vibrato chorus fillips. The song ends: “I will be the angel on your shoulder. My name is Geraldine. I’m your social worker.” Which sounds like something you’d sing to your ex-poet lover after he’d gone crazy and ended up in an asylum. For all that it’s eerily effective. Maybe this is because it’s raining outside right now?

Best of all, no evidence of any sort of licensing, though they’re ripe for it—maybe UK norms are different? The video involves them, yes, getting their Coldplay on.

Next week’s prediction: Election special?