Chelsea Gallery Shows Quite a Piece!


Who says art is strictly for old fussies? It can be very frothy stuff, like this Shimon Okshteyn “fiberglass with marble dust” sculpture of a man jerking off his giant tool. I caught it on a high-minded jaunt to the Stefan Stux gallery the other night, so I gamely posed with it (captured by Brian Cummings), anxious to interact with a piece of art that’s THAT good. I even got to meet the artist, who admitted without prompting that he’s totally the basis for the sculpture. “Hmm, nice dick,” I remarked with my usual intellectual appreciation, slyly glancing downwards. He half smiled. And somehow the art world will never be the same.

PS: They really need to change the work’s official dimensions, which are described as “39 X 38 X 29 inches.” Aren’t they leaving out 7 1/2 inches?