Ice-T on the Election, Voting for the First Time Ever


Ice-T and Coco at Europa in August, perhaps acting out the Hillary/Obama dynamic?
photo by Rebecca Smeyne

In our house—Coco and myself—we intentionally took separate candidates to start the election season.

I picked Hillary, and she picked Barack Obama. We knew we weren’t going to vote for McCain, let’s start off with that. He reminded us too much of Bush, and I just didn’t feel a connection with him. (And I haven’t voted before. I registered to vote for the first time for this election.)

I picked Hillary because I liked Bill Clinton. And as it went, I listened carefully, and Hillary and Obama were very alike on the issues. When I started to go away from her was that time when it turned out she lied about being shot at. . . . I didn’t think you should be lying about that kind of thing while you’re running for president.

In the streets, we have a saying: You don’t need to make a lie to kick it. So Barack started to win me over. But I’ve stayed back in this election. I’m usually out there, but I saw what happened to Jeremiah. And I have that whole “Cop Killer” thing of my own that people love to use against me. I knew the kind of game they’re playing. I saw what happened when rappers said something.

So some of us are, like, “Flavor, go put on a suit. This is real right now.”

I was talking to some street cats the other day—they were wearing Barack T-shirts. That was surprising. I asked them about it. They said, “Ice, we don’t want to hustle.” They wouldn’t be voting for someone because they want more crime.

To me, the election was really Hillary running against Obama. I don’t think McCain was ever really in it. And Palin? If there was a book on how not to run for president, she should write it. I mean, you have to have some level of intelligence to run the country. Well, wait a minute. I guess Bush proved that wasn’t actually true.

I don’t know why anyone would want to be president, especially considering what condition the country is in. But if Barack wants it, more power to him.

I travel all over the world—it’s a good look. It’s a good look. It would give the United States a rebirth. And overseas, we could use it.

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