Let’s Say Something Nice About Sarah Palin


As we get ready to give her the boot back to Alaska–or to her inevitable anchor spot on QVC–let’s try to say something nice about Sarah Palin. Anything nice. Come on, let’s not stoop to her inhumane level. Let’s instead rise above and send her parting gifts consisting of lovely words and warm, cuddly sentiments.

I will not allow any negative comments to be posted on this particular thread, so don’t even try it, punks! Instead, I want you to challenge yourselves, just to be perverse, and come up with something positive to say about Sarah–or at least something not negative. Let’s not have any c words (except for caribou). Let’s be cool and show the evil bitch what we’re made of!

I’ll start this twisted game:

*Her hair is radiant from certain angles.

*She’s never shot an animal I know.

*None of the three books I’ve written were on her ‘ban’ list.

*She’s not missing any front teeth.

And now, your turn…