NYC Voters Want Less Expensive Economy, Debt Holiday, World Domination


CUNY J-School’s New York City News Service is posting audio snips of local voters who share the concerns they’ll take to the polls next Tuesday. “I don’t want the economy to be so expensive like it is now… it’s way beyond overboard,” says Essy Morales, Jackson Heights homemaker. Bed-Stuy security guard Kyle Barnes says, “If they can write a $700 billion credit… to eliminate the debt of the financial situation of this country, then they can clean the state for every poor person and start all over just like they did for the banks… You could go to the store freely, people won’t be robbin’ each other… share the wealth.” David Rizzo, who owns a pizzeria in Astoria, says he’d “like to see the country continue as it has since the Second World War to dominate the world” because no other country is “as decent and as honorable” as we are. You know, maybe New Yorkers have more in common with our fellow countrymen than we let on.