Refugee Brawler Milan Kovacevic Arrested for Beatdown


Last summer, basketball player and weightlifter Milan Kovacevic beat and kicked a 5-foot-6 guy into a coma in a bar, and then fled to his native Serbia, where his apparent remorselessness led to some lively comments at Runnin’ Scared (“DON’T FUCK WITH SERBS, LEARN UR LESSON PEOPLE!!”). Today we learn from the Daily News that Kovacevic has been arrested in Belgrade. Kovacevic had been effectively smuggled out of the U.S. by a Serbian diplomat, who later lost his job. Per an International Herald Tribute report, the 21-year-old Kovacevic was interrogated by Belgrade officials about the incident in September. Around that time his victim, Bryan Steinhauer, emerged from his coma.

Serbia continues to refuse extradition, and Kovacevic will apparently be tried, if he is tried, at home.