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TV Columnist Predicts Obama Landslide


“They are saying, ‘We’re not saying it’s over …’ with a ‘but’ that speaks volumes.” The New York Times‘ TV columnist Alessandra Stanley is talking about “cable news and network anchors” who “can’t quite stifle the blue-stained maps in their minds.” Gasp! Is the Times running a media bias article? “It’s not really fair to blame the news media,” says Stanley, “there is a flood of predictive data available, and reporters cannot realistically dam it up.” For balance, a Fox anchor cautiously disagrees. Is this hubris, a media morning without screeners or anything else to talk about, or an accurate snapshot of a moment in time? Being sensitive to the need to fill column inches, we’ll pick the last one. Like Castro said, history will absolve us.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 28, 2008

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