Which SNL Stars Do The Best Political Impressions?


Credit: NBC

I never imagined that the most influential character in the biggest Presidential campaign in decades would be a TV comic, but Tina Fey takes the victory cake and eats it too. She’s done even more for Obama‘s chances than Joe the unlicensed plumber. But who else on SNL gives good candidate mocking? Let me answer that! In descending order, I feel the bestest imitators are:

1) Tina Fey. I already said that! She does Sarah Palin better than Sarah Palin does. Much better!

2) Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden The prop hair and teeth help, but he also does well with the arrogance, the good-guy smile, and the gaffe-making glee.

3) Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton. He has Bill’s preening self-love down pat–and he also does a mean McCain and John Murtha. He could probably do the entire new Cabinet!

4) Will Ferrell as Dubya. In January, Will’s coming to Broadway with a one-man play about Dubya, and I feel Tina Fey should open for him. No, by January, the real Sarah Palin will be available.

5) Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton. Hillary is pretty un-doable, but Poehler almost manages to do it, even when practically breaking water.

6) Fred Armisen as Obama. He has the vocal cadence, where Obama goes vocally up at the end of each sentence, and mercifully he looks like he’s only got some tanner on, not total blackface. But Obama just isn’t that hilarious–a fact that I hope will lead to election gold next Tuesday!