More Voters Discuss Election with CUNY Students


More election-time vox populi audio from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism: In Staten Island, student Patricia Lacey thinks it’s “retarded” we’re at war, because “we’re not the parents of this world… why should we lose the people we love for people who don’t even like us?” Server Corina Episcopio is a Republican, but believes we should be “out of war and out of recession… everyone is miserable and nobody can spend any money because nobody makes any money”; also, that the “minimum wage should be extended.” Bartender Caren Collins supports McCain because he’ll “have a strong backbone and help us out when we’re in war,” whereas Obama is “young” and “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Hermie Fraser, a Flatbush hair stylist, is also a Republican who supported the Iraq War but now wants out because the reports of WMDs were “misleading.” Middle Village’s Ilya Kushner thinks things will get better in Afghanistan because “the people are going to rise up against the Taliban slowly.”

Joey Savedra, a barber in Sunset Park who “pays taxes,” sees “a lot of problems,” worries about social security because “if you don’t have social security, what happens for the future?” Also worries about Obama: “Once he comes into office, if he doesn’t do everything to standards, they’re gonna look at him like, look, we got a black person in and he couldn’t do nothing. Obama’s hope, McCain, no hope.”

“Election day’s coming on next week,” says another Sunset Park barber, Joshua Rivera, “so it’s time to make a decision soon, I guess.”