NY13 House Candidates Debate on Staten Island


Last night’s debate among Congressional candidates from the 13th District (mostly Staten Island) was liveblogged by the Staten Island Advance. Republican Bob Straniere and Democrat Michael McMahon were joined by “Independence candidate” (and disappointed GOP contender) Carmine Morano and Conservative Tim Cochrane.

They mostly stuck to the script: Straniere pro-McCain and -tax cuts, McMahon pro-Obama and -health care, Cochrane anti-abortion, and Morano anti-the other guys. Everybody was big on transportation issues, ranging from high-speed rail to traffic light reform. The most heated part, apparently, was Straniere saying McMahon’s sister-in-law, a deputy mayor, wasn’t helping enough to get Health and Hospital Corporation facilities to Staten Island, and McMahon getting pissed.

When Straniere rejoined that McMahon is always bragging on his powerful friends but has done nothing for the Island, McMahon replied, “This from a man who in 24 years in the Assembly passed one bill that he sponsored.”

Morano said the federal bailout “isn’t doing anything to help Main Street catch up,” and Cochrane said that Joe Biden is “nuts.”

Asked to describe themselves, Straniere said he was was “committed,” Morano “aggressive,” Cochrane, “intense,” and McMahon “jovial.”