Obama Endorsed by Kids, Condo Buyers’ Loophole


Obama has already won in a landslide in the Weekly Reader Student Presidential Election Poll. Kindergarten through 12th Grade students favored the Democrat 54.7 to 42.9 percent in the venerable kid-mag poll which, the editors point out, has correctly picked the winner in 12 out of 13 Presidential elections, failing only in 1992. Still, in state-by-state results there were some weird outliers: Obama took Alaska, Arizona, and Texas. Among voter comments: “I like McCain because he loves pets like I do.”

For grownups looking for a condo, but worried about the election, the hipsterrific +aRt at 540 West 28th Street offers a loophole, according to Bloomberg News: buyers who sign up now for one of their pricey units “will be released from their purchase contract ‘no questions asked'” if Obama loses. Developer Erik Ekstein told Bloomberg that “some would-be buyers visited the building, discussed financing, and then said they feared McCain,” inspiring the offer. We understand there are some tar-paper shacks in the deep South offering a similar deal.