What Will The Repubs’ Final Campaign Trick Be?


You just know that McCain–who’s run a dirty, shameless little campaign–is keeping one last slime tactic up his sleeve to gain some much-needed last-minute life support. Adding fuel to that theory is the fact that sources tell me a hush-hush meeting was just held with a bunch of Republican pollsters, strategists, and campaign aides. After the meeting, a “public opinion research firm” employee who’d been in on it was asked by a loved one, “So what’s the plan going to be?” “I’m sworn to secrecy,” she replied, ominously.

Eek. So what is the plan going to be?

More dredging up of the Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright connections? Gee, that would be fresh.

A fake terror alert? But that would only show that the Repubs have failed at the terror war.

A hidden love child? Nah, they’d have to dredge one up real fast (though maybe the Palin family has an extra one to spare).

A crazy claim that Obama isn’t a natural born citizen? Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past them.

But I just can’t figure it out! Do y’all have any ideas? And don’t make them too good–I’d hate to help McCain come up with anything!