Governor, Others Plead D.C. for Stimulation


Trends these days come not from Williamsburg nor the East Village, but from Wall Street. For example, says the New York Times, “Layoffs Sweep From Wall St. Across New York Area” — with matching impoverishment! And now local celebs are all about the stimulus. Governor Paterson went to Washington yesterday and called, along with Jersey’s Governor Corzine, for a stimulus package for state governments. And Chuck Schumer wants one for “small business,” though that may wind up being a knock-off of what Paterson’s looking for.

Per the Times, Paterson told a Congressional committee that he had cut back, and was going to cut back again, but New York still needs Federal billions, which would be only a “fraction” of what the financial industry got. “It took only two weeks for the federal government to find $700 billion to bail out Wall Street and bank executives,” he reminded Congress, and we shouldn’t be left with unfashionable rags when all the other kids have new stimuli.

The New York Post, perhaps presaging a new era of rightwing insularity, highlighted Paterson’s “Invoking the novelist Ayn Rand” and “conservative message of tax cuts, business development, and fiscal restraint” — which is weird when you’re talking about a government handout. Oh wait, it’s not a handout, it’s a “hand-back,” say the headline in the New York Daily News, which is partial to such prolier-than-thou usages.

Like most of the hottest trend items, the new stimulus, should it arrive, will probably be something most of us will have to enjoy vicariously. No doubt cheaper versions will be available on Canal Street.