I Wish You All Got More Excited About Women


Sound of the City roots for the home team and so does Impose Magazine‘s Jeremy Krinsley.

Parts & Labor’s “Fractured Skies”: the real star of this fixed-gear porn video “Empire

While I will make no attempt to encapsulate the massive invasion of time, space, and taste that is CMJ, I would like to direct you to a few of the “best of CMJ” posts for your own amusement and perusal. If I were to make a scoreboard, meticulously calculating the bands who everyone decided were the most important and exciting to grace the Lower East Side and/or Williamsburg, I would be forced to note that Crystal Stilts have apparently shown up on more radars than anyone else. I would have preferred people to get excited about Women, but that’s just me.

Zach and Camille talked about Crystal Antlers, Tripwire liked Ponytail, Tobacco, and Women (well done), Stereogum liked Ponytail and Crystal Stilts (and six others), Spin has heard of Crystal Stilts, Amy Phillips hearts Marnie Stern, and Marnie Stern watching other bands play, and digging on Molly Siegel’s dolphin singing. Craziest shit? Perennially, the Panache showcase.

But who cares about lists, really, unless they’re anecdotal or completely over-the-top. Right?

Parts & Labor quietly slipped out of town on the heels of the release of Receivers—their latest, smoothest, and many people’s favorite of their three Jagjaguwar albums. Before leaving Brooklyn for greener touring pastures, they played the Not-CMJ Impose show-as-record-release-party, showed off their dirty toilets and fat-reducing machines on this lil blog, and were given a round of warm, fuzzy critical thumbs ups. Upon leaving for tour, they’ve also updated their website (it now includes a full stream of the new album) and created a toll free number (888 317 5596) where you can “leave sound” that they’ll incorporate into their live show.

Jadakiss was a newbie platinum artist with the rap collective LOX when Biggie was still fresh in the ground. Now he’s back to hustling for a new record, The Last Kiss, playing up his roots and his ability to spit without an autotuner (pop-free since ’93), getting Lil Wayne to do the same, hanging with the Yonkers police, filming the filming of his music videos and changing the name of his album “because Kiss My Ass wasn’t testing well at retail.”

Why aren’t people excited about caUSE co-MOTION! anymore? Their revivalist instincts were seemingly ahead of their time when people giddily hyped their stuff three years ago, but all they got for their Slumberland release of the singles and EPs of that period was mild disinterest and a few haters. Seriously, guys, don’t be bloggers.

It would seem that St. Dymphnia, Gang Gang Dance‘s fourth album, St. Dymphna, has lifted the Brooklyn veterans into some sort of New York pantheon. (The line to get into Friday’s Social Registry showcase should attest to that if nothing else.) Also, the tone with which their album was critically regarded no longer contained any sentiments that this band had anything to prove, and seemed more concerned with where they’d gone now. Chris Weingarten saw the drift towards dance, others (also referencing 77BOADRUMS), saw the cohesive integration of all their scattered influences into a “package,” while yet others saw it go pop.

I was driving down the FDR drive the other day and a DJ on Hot97 was screaming at me about how people who don’t like Q-Tip‘s new tracks are not New York, and they’re not hip hop. Others agree. He threw a big party and the likes of Talib Kweli and Mark Ronson performed, and Q-Tip gave props to Kid Cudi. He’s been leaking a few tracks</>, and you can expect the actual album, Renaissance, on November 4.

Kid Cudi put out his own video this week, too.

Tim Harrington put out his own P4KTV video series, Beardo. Is the first episode (below) better or worse than the Lost Boys straight-to-DVD sequel? Decide at your own risk.

People are excited about 20 year old Charles Hamilton, who was recently signed to Interscope. He yelled at the Fader Fort’s sound man last week, shouted out SoHo, and performed at S.O.B.’s, too.

Thurston Moore helped organize a showing of David Bowie’s videos, and he’ll show them off at the MoMA in December.

Matt and Kim release a new video that premiered on MTV2. Remember when they played your apartment? The 2006 Brooklyn summer all stars have graduated to posters on your 13-year old sister’s wall. We hope.

James Murphy plays bass for some band that doesn’t have a name.

Animal Collective reveal crazy motherfucking album art.

The trailer for Biggie Small’s biopic goes pro.

Department of Eagles get a remix.

Theophilus London releases a polished video that’s really into that solarize feature in Final Cut. No knocking, though, this is some truly innovative Brooklyn hip hop.

Telepathe released an EP.

Tiny Masters of Today make a cute, sound-clipped cut-up protest song. Look out Negativland.